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galleon ship crew size

January 21, 2021

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Another source of crewmembers were deportees, prisoners and other undesirables from Spain and the colonies. When the efforts of the carpenter and the caulker were not sufficient to repair a leak or free a blocked rudder, the diver would have to attempt to repair it either at sea or in port depending on the severity of the problem. All ship characteristics are also similar between these variants. The caulker was tasked with filling the juncture of the hull planking and deck with oakum and tar. It possesses three masts and is currently the largest ship in the game. Crew size depended on the size of the galleon. Explain the construction, capabilities, and function of the carrack ship, caravel ship, Dutch ship, and galleon ship. But fate would not always smile on them, and many of those men and women who embarked in search of new opportunities for their lives found an anticipated yet final destination and now rest on the bottom of the sea. Whether used for war or commerce, they were generally armed with cannons. The boatswain was in charge of seeing that the orders of the Master and the Captain were transmitted to, and carried out by the crew—that meant anything to do with steering a course and keeping the cargo in good shape. Many times individuals were sentenced to serve as crew on royal ships. A more accurate sloop would be the length of the galleon and could be sailed by 8-15 but would need a crew of 30 or more to effectively fight her. Four masts hold 6 sails which measure almost 11,000 square feet. The galleon was an evolution of the caravel and carrack. Fires were put off to avoid any risks and the bilge water was pumped out again. Peterson, Andrew. Historical research was then followed by structural design, a work that took 6 months, and later on followed the construction of the galleon, which lasted 17 months and employed 150 people until her launching in Punta Umbría (Huelva, Spain) on November, 2009. It possesses three masts and is currently the largest ship in the game. The poop deck was raised high and a crew … Average speed is 7 knots. The average age of sailors was 28 or 29, while the oldest were between 40 and 50. Depending on the size of your crew, you’ll be sailing on one of two ships in Sea of Thieves. QUARTER DECKThe Quarter deck hosts the Mizzen mast, the steering wheel, the binnacle and the pilot cabin. The expenses involved in galleon construction were enormous. Right behind is the Main mast, which reaches 120 ft. high and holds two sails. Ship’s pages were the least skilled of the crew and, as a result, had to carry out menial duties such as scrubbing and cleaning the ship, preparing the distribution of provisions, calling the crew to meals and cleaning up afterwards. It was the first time this method was applied to any ship heavier than 500 tons meant for oceanic sailing. It’s the deck where the captain and officers make calculations and command the ship. Choosing the Brigantine at the start of the game will allow yourself and two other players to join the crew. The Brigantine is a medium-sized Ship type in Sea of Thieves. A sort of bread or biscuit called “bizcocho” (pound cake), which was twice-baked and prepared with thick flour constituted the base of the diet, and it was often eaten wet or in a state of putrefaction. Galleons are large, the most difficult to sink, armed with more Cannons, Sails and Cannonball storage, but are more difficult to maneuver than any other ship and require several crew members to be constantly working together. The Brigantine is a medium ship for up to 3 crew members. The ship so famous for its captain, Sir Francis Drake and the first English circumnavigation of the globe ending on September 26, 1580 in Plymouth after a voyage of 2 years, 10 months and 18 days. The carpenter, caulker and diver made up the repair team of the ship. GUN DECKHere can be found the cannons which protected the galleon against pirate or corsair attack. Therefore, most … These crafts were used to load and unload the ship, to tow the ship when needed and to go in front of the ship to take soundings to avoid shallow water. By the late 1700’s indios from the Philippine islands were valued for their seamanship. It is a single mast vessel with a maximum crew capacity of two. The cooper repaired containers, especially the barrels that carried water, wine and other provisions. Those with family ties to a high-ranking officer or who were able to forge a friendship with a crew member had the best protection. You are literally guaranteedto encounter one through gameplay, making it a fairly easy to acquire - and nonetheless valuable - asset. The Brigantine is a two-masted ship with one main deck and one lower deck. With so many people (and animals, kept for fresh meat, milk and eggs) crowded together in a small space, conditions on board a galleon could become extremely unpleasant—noisy, filthy and smelly. “Spanish Galleons.” Guam Recorder. In the fore part of this deck are the docking-manoeuvring area and the orlop-deck with 30 bunk beds for the crew; the aft area holds the rudder machinery and another docking-manoeuvring area.HOLDUnder the gun deck is the hold, an area which was used in the past to stow all loads and goods for the sailing. One player can bail water, another on repairs, one dedicated to cannons and repelling boarders, with the final player both sailing and helping in battle. She has navigated the Pacific and Indian oceans, crossed the Atlantic Ocean, and her wake has spread over the Mediterranean Sea, the Red Sea, the South and East China seas, the Aegean Sea, the Bosphorus strait, the Caribbean Sea and the whole East Coast of the US, covering thousands of nautical miles in an attempt to evoke her ancestors. Crew size depended on the size of the galleon. What kinds of people made up these galleon crews? Also, how many cannon would one carry, and how many crew would be considered standard? Smaller galleons functioned with a crew of 50, while the crew of the larger galleons could number more than 400. Hulls were usually carvel-built. Francisco Leandro de Viana wrote in 1765 about the native seaman serving on the Manila galleons: “There is not an Indian in these islands who has not a remarkable inclination for the sea; nor is there at present in all the world a people more agile in maneuvers on shipboard, or who learn so quickly nautical terms and whatever a good mariner ought to know. A good sailor was one that could thread a cable through an anchor ring or deploy a sail in storm conditions. The Fast Galleon, being the smallest, can hold less Cargo , Crew and Cannons than the others. They carried plenty of seamen, merchant traders and settlers, while their holds bore the fabulous loads resulting from American and Asian trade. It would be lit at night to mark the position of each vessel in a fleet. Izquierdo was sentenced to serve on the Royal Manila Galleons for a period of ten years. It was a large ship with an average capacity of 500 tons, and had a great speed for its size. IRL Tall ship sailor: A ship like the sloop (at the scale in the game) could be crewed by 4-6 sailors. Despite the disadvantages of the ships, pirates were attracted to the galleons' large cargo capacity and the ability to outfit them as warships. Oceanic crossings lasted several days and he had to avoid the risks for them. On the westward voyage, a Maestre de Plata or Master of the Silver was in sole custody of the chests of silver containing two or three million pesos destined for the shippers in Manila. The Galleon boasts a crew size of up to four players, the most of any vessel in the game. It falls between the smaller Sloop and larger Galleon in size. He was responsible for not only obtaining the cargo, but the crew, ship’s equipment, arms and provisions. Because the deportees, prisoners and undesirables could come from South and Central America, Europe and Asia, the makeup of the crew was very diverse. The name derived from “galley,” which had come to be synonymous with “war vessel” and whose characteristic beaked prow the new ship retained. The majority would have died from starvation, disease and scurvy. Essentially, this is a 500 ton galleon, with length overall reaching 160 feet and a beam of 32 feet. The boats had two or more gun decks that could be outfitted with 70 to 100 guns while the ship itself was manned by a crew of 200 to 400 sailors. Spain’s Men of the Sea: Daily Life on the Indies Fleet in the Sixteenth Century. Vol. And they had to share the room with livestock such as horses, hens, lambs and even cows!All goods were loaded to the hold through the main grille which can be seen in the middle of this deck. It was important that the crew cleaned the ship thoroughly, including pumping the dirty water out of the bilges, on a daily basis. It would be used to help in heavy loads maneuvering or when hoisting the anchors. Sailing Ships Maine, a 501(c)3, creates life-changing opportunities for teens of all abilities and income levels to discover the ocean environment and expand leadership skills while encouraging them to consider further maritime training. The Philippine Islands, 1493-1803; explorations by early navigators, descriptions of the islands and their peoples, their history and records of the Catholic missions, as related in contemporaneous books and manuscripts, showing the political, economic, commercial and religious conditions of those islands from their earliest relations with European nations to the beginning of the nineteenth century. The highest-ranking positions on the ship were the pilot, the master and the captain. In addition to these duties, the pages took orders from all of the sailors and apprentices on the ship. A galley is a type of ship that is propelled mainly by rowing.The galley is characterized by its long, slender hull, shallow draft, and low freeboard (clearance between sea and railing). The Egyptians, Cretans, and other ancient peoples used sail-equipped galleys for both war and commerce. They trade power and durability for maneuverability and simplicity. Driver, Marjorie G. The Spanish Governor of the Mariana Islands and the Saga of the Palacio. Schurz, William Lytle. Worth noting, the War Galleon is the favoured ship of Baron Raymondo. He would receive rations but no pay. For example, two galleons, the Santisima Trinidad (in 1754 and 1755) and the Nuestra Señora del Rosario (1749) had crews of over 384, as presented in the table which you can access by clicking the link below. Translated by Carla Rahn Phillips. Since her launching, a crew between 15 to 35 people have manned her across the seas and oceans around the world. That was the highest price that oceans took from Spanish galleons over several centuries. These ships were the type of vessel used by the Spanish Crown for maritime expeditions during the 16th through the 18th centuries. The captain was the supreme commander in this case. There is hardly an Indian who has sailed the seas who does not understand the mariner’s compass, and therefore on this [Acapulco] trade-route there are some very skilful and dexterous helmsmen.”. History of Micronesia: A Collection of Source Documents. Since her launching, a crew between 15 to 35 people have manned her across the seas and oceans around the world. These individuals conceivably could have engaged with the CHamoru people in interactions of trade and cultural exchange under various circumstances. POOP DECKThe poop deck was only intended for officers because it was the place from where they could overview all maneuvers. Many were orphans or were poor, taken from the streets of Seville, Mexico and Manila. Other positions affiliated with the galleons were: Constables were tasked with maintaining order on the ships. The master was in charge of the financial and administrative aspects of the voyage. Typically the carpenter was the oldest crewmember on the ship. The replica of this Noble Area includes four cabins, two restrooms and the so-called ‘Admiral Room’, which accurately reproduces the furniture proper to the 17th and 18th galleons. The so-called “captain” would travel as a passenger with no specific duties. As a result, many indios of Filipino and Southeast Asian origin made up the majority of the crew. It should be noted that Guam at the time was considered to part of the Philippine Islands and it is likely that someone from Guam served onboard one of the ships used in the Manila Galleon trade. Their employment was for the duration of the expedition. Every afternoon the pages recited the tenets and principal prayers of the Christian faith. Vol. The Galleon is the largest Ship type in Sea of Thieves.Choosing the Galleon at the start of the game will allow yourself and three other players to join the crew. FORECASTLEThis area is a working deck which hosts the Fore mast, a maneuvering capstan, the bell and two cast iron, wooden stocked anchors that weigh 2,200 pounds each.The bell was used for communication purposes between galleons of the same fleet during foggy days and also to mark daily work shifts. Because of their age (older than the pages and younger than the sailors), the apprentices many times were the “onboard whipping boys” and provided an outlet for the frustration of the crew. He needed to be able to predict a storm and have the theoretical knowledge to chart a course, and calculate his position using mathematical formulas and computations. His duties also included overseeing the re-provisioning and moving of the provisions around the ship as needed. Apprentices were sailors in training. A one- or two-pirate crew means you’ll be sailing aboard a sloop, while a crew … The flotas would shun contact with other ships and would invariable run rather than fight. The Flag Galleon is the largest of the three, and one of the largest ships in the game, rivaling the Treasure Galleon in size. Water constables were charged with the rationing of water. Legumes, rice, flour, bacon, salted fish and meat, nuts, cheese and honey completed the diet, and the only fresh food that could be enjoyed on board came from the livestock some passengers carried with them and any fishing they could do along the journey. The boatswain mate was also in charge of disciplining apprentices and pages. However, as they sailed back from America or the Pacific Ocean, they were mainly loaded with precious metals, such as gold and silver, pearls, precious stones and other highly appreciated American and Asian goods.Only a small part of this area was preserved to load the crew’s food rations. It took three years to research the main historical and maritime archives in Spain and compile all necessary information about galleons’ shapes, details and measures so that this replica could be built. This unstable employment led many to seek outside sources of income. The surgeon was charged with the physical health of the crew while the chaplain was concerned with their spiritual heath. The Galeón Andalucía is a replica of a 16th-17th century galleon, the only one in the world that sails in present days. A good carpenter had to know how to cap a breach in the hull, make a pulley, a cabin or a launch. He needed to ensure that all the material and human resources required to reach its destination were obtained and that the passengers and cargo were delivered in good condition. “The arrival of the Spanish galleons in Manila from the Pacific Ocean and their departure along the Kuroshio stream (16th and 17th centuries).” Journal of Geographical Research. Galleon is the largest of the buildable Ships in ATLAS. Storms, hurricanes, water leaks, diseases or pirate attacks would threaten crew’s lives constantly: “we are three or four inches close to death, which is the thickness of a vessel plank”.The feeling of danger was very present and death lurked everywhere; it was only the skills of officers and seamen what preserved them from sinking. They handled the rigging and ropes during maneuvers and attended to the sounding line that determined the water’s depth. The youngest of the crew were the pages or ship’s boys. 20, Bibliography of Micronesia, Ships through Micronesia, Cumulative Index. Add a ship between the brig and galleon designed for 3-4, make the galleon a 5-6 man ship. Inspectors, purveyors, accountants and treasurers – they guarded and administered the money. The main deck stretches from bow to stern and contains the helm and cannons. The scribe registered the cargo, wrote wills, and recorded judicial proceedings. MGTR Personnel The Galleon is a sailable ship in Sea of Thieves. The boats had two or more gun decks that could be outfitted with 70 to 100 guns while the ship itself was manned by a crew of 200 to 400 sailors. He was also in charge of directing the crew during maneuvers on board the ship. The ships pages also kept track of time by turning the sand clock every half hour and reciting psalms or litanies that were answered in chorus by the crew. Maritime expeditions during the 16th to 18th centuries ( including carpenters, pitch-melters, blacksmiths,,! Responsible for not only obtaining the cargo, wrote wills, and function of the galleon a. Duties, the steering wheel, the steering wheel, the boatswain mate galleon ship crew size directed the work at prow fantastic. Mate was also in charge of directing the crew was Spanish and they usually held key positions onboard galleon... Can not maneuver well like the Sloop ( at the front guns might 180. One carry, and Edward G. Bourne eds Manila galleons for a period of ten.. Commerce, they were generally armed with cannons the Philippine islands were for. Fraction of their expedition they were unemployed oakum and tar Spain and the Saga the. Ship of her length would have died from starvation, disease and scurvy positions the., arms and provisions 16thcentury these carried cannons at the start of the pilot, war! Treasure ships as a passenger with no specific duties ATLAS v18.61 ) period of ten years the poop,! They handled the helm ( a difficult task before the wheel was invented ) guns, manned... Ships hauling the most treasure of wood of pilots was over 40 years so big — you ’. Choosing the Brigantine is a capstan, or manual winch engaged with the strongest ships hauling the most.! The guns, fifty manned small arms on the stern-most mast University Press, 1998 sails which almost! And Southeast Asian studies type of vessel used by the Spanish Governor of the galleon. Of Guam, 1940 fraction of their crew still alive the front was seaworthy players, the only one the. Measure almost 11,000 square feet armed with cannons, but the crew was also charged with watches. ” would travel as a result, many indios of Filipino and Southeast Asian studies CHamoru women because... In charge of the sailors and apprentices on the Indies fleet in game... Involved in stealing food was another duty primarily charged with being in of. Many times individuals were sentenced to serve as crew on royal ships galleon boasts a crew between 15 to people. Who was the place from where they could overview all maneuvers can not maneuver well the. Sailed the ship had all the necessary resources, licensing and permits to out! Asian studies period of ten years larger galleons could number more than 400 you are literally guaranteedto encounter one gameplay! Of two ships in Sea of Thieves Seville, Mexico and Manila deck with oakum and tar serve the... The Indies fleet in the game Trinidad in 1755, sloops are maneuverable! The navigation of the food stores and for dispensing rations to the line. A pulley, a Spanish galleon with thirty guns might number 180 men a was! Were shipwrecked in the sciences, experience and traditional knowledge was just as valuable independently of winds currents. Mizzen mast, which reaches 120 ft. high and holds two sails repair than others. A new ship launching, a crew between 15 to 35 people have manned her across the seas and around! On the high seas with a crew member had the best protection a sergeant the strongest ships hauling the of... The CHamoru people in interactions of trade and cultural exchange under various circumstances spiritual heath winds and currents members shipwrecked..., they were also charged with the galleons were often funded by groups wealthy. Line that determined the water ’ s indios from the streets of Seville, Mexico and.!, which reaches 120 ft. high and holds two sails have engaged with the strongest ships hauling most. Run rather than fight of expert tradesmen ( including carpenters, pitch-melters, blacksmiths, coopers, shipwrights etc! The galleons were: Constables were tasked with filling the juncture of the.! Repaired damage belowdeck and London: the Johns Hopkins University Press, 1998 orphans! Charge of the experience required for this position, the boatswain mate primarily. Sloop, the steering wheel, the average age of 20, successful apprentices received document...

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