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January 21, 2021

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(b) deal with any property of the corporation in his possession or control in a commercially reasonable manner. Phone: (204) 774-4344 Toll Free: (877) 774-4344 (a) a notice in writing is sent to each known creditor having a claim against the corporation that exceeds $1,000. SECURITY CERTIFICATES, REGISTERS AND TRANSFERS. The approval of the Director to a continuance in another jurisdiction expires 90 days after the date of the approval unless, within the 90 day period, the corporation is continued under the laws of the other jurisdiction. (g) upon completion of his duties, render a final account of his administration in the form adopted for interim accounts under clause (f). When under subsection (7) the auditor or former auditor informs the directors or when the directors otherwise have knowledge of an error or misstatement in a financial statement, the directors shall, (a) prepare and issue revised financial statements; or. Within 20 days after receiving a directive made under subsection (2), the body corporate may appeal to the court. A professional attorney, qualified in Corporation law, is an assurance of incorporation filings done properly and may become a trusted advisor for advice and guidance in future business planning and operations. An Act respecting not-for-profit corporations and certain other corporations. For the purposes of this section, a general notice to the directors by a director or officer, declaring that he is a director or officer of or has a material interest in a person and is to be regarded as interested in any contract made with that person, is a sufficient declaration of interest in relation to any contract so made. If a quorum is not present at the opening of a meeting of shareholders, the shareholders present may adjourn the meeting to a fixed time and place but may not transact any other business. The auditor of a corporation is entitled to receive notice of every meeting of the audit committee and, at the expense of the corporation, to attend and be heard thereat; and, if so requested by a member of the audit committee, shall attend every meeting of the committee held during the term of office of the auditor. Trustee may require evidence of compliance. The directors may specify in a notice calling a meeting of shareholders a time not exceeding 48 hours, excluding Saturdays and holidays, preceding the meeting or an adjournment thereof before which time proxies to be used at the meeting must be deposited with the corporation or its agent. The Director may impose any condition on the registration of a body corporate that is required to have a business authorization under Part XXIV and shall do so in the circumstance set out in clause 199.2(d). Except as otherwise provided in this Act and The Executions Act, the transfer or transmission of a security is governed by The Securities Transfer Act. A corporation is not required to issue more than one security certificate in respect of securities held jointly by several persons, and delivery of a certificate to one of several joint holders is sufficient delivery to all. (ii) where no notice is given, on the day on which the meeting is held. If a person upon whom the ownership of a security devolves by operation of law, other than a person described in subsection (2), furnishes proof of his authority to exercise rights or privileges in respect of a security of the corporation that is not registered in his name, the corporation shall treat that person as entitled to exercise those rights or privileges. A person by or on behalf of whom a solicitation is made shall, at the request of a registrant, forthwith furnish to the registrant at that person's expense the necessary number of copies of the documents referred to in subsection (1) other than copies of the document requesting voting instructions. 1988-89, c. 11, s. 5; S.M. On the date shown in the certificate of continuance. The directors of a corporation may authorize the corporation to pay a commission to any person in consideration of his purchasing or agreeing to purchase shares of the corporation from the corporation or from any other person, or procuring or agreeing to procure purchasers for the shares. If the person requiring the trustee to furnish a list under subsection (1) is a body corporate, the statutory declaration required under that subsection shall be made by a director or officer of the body corporate. Unless the by-laws otherwise provide, voting at a meeting of shareholders shall be by show of hands except where a ballot is demanded by a shareholder or proxyholder entitled to vote at the meeting. For the purposes of this section, "open-end mutual fund" means a corporation that makes a distribution to the public of its shares and that carries on only the business of investing the consideration it receives for the shares it issues, and all or substantially all of those shares are redeemable upon the demand of a shareholder. Directors of a corporation are jointly and severally liable to employees of the corporation for all debts not exceeding six months' wages payable to each of the employees for services performed for the corporation while they are directors respectively. When there has been an overissue within the meaning of The Securities Transfer Act and the corporation subsequently amends its articles, or a trust indenture, to increase its authorized securities to a number equal to or in excess of the number of securities previously authorized plus the amount of the securities overissued, the securities so overissued are valid from the date of their issue. 2008, c. 14, s. 135; S.M. S.M. A director is not liable under this section unless he is sued for a debt referred to in subsection (1) while he is a director or within two years after he has ceased to be a director. If expressly so provided in the written contract, a person who purported to act in the name of or on behalf of the corporation before it came into existence is not in any event bound by the contract or entitled to the benefits thereof. 2006, c. 10, s. 5. Order affecting the operation of this Act: Order re Temporary Suspension of Corporate Meeting Provisions (2) made by Order in Council 257/2020 under The Emergency Measures Act, with effect from October 1, 2020 to March 30, 2021; File 1: s. 1 to 199.3 (Parts 1 to 16) File 2: s. 200 to 376 (Parts 17 to 24) Table of Contents Bilingual (PDF) Regulations HER … Assented to 2009-06-23. The directors may attach conditions to any scrip certificates issued by a corporation, including conditions that, (a) the scrip certificates become void if not exchanged for a share certificate representing a full share before a specified date; and. 1987, L210, as it read immediately before the coming into force of this Act. (c) by written notice to each stock exchange in Canada on which the shares of the corporation are listed for trading. (b) in certificates evidencing the securities to which the conversion privileges, options or rights are attached. (c) any further information respecting the financial position of the corporation and the results of its operations required by the articles, the by-laws or any unanimous shareholder agreement. (m) add, change or remove any other provision that is permitted by this Act to be set out in the articles. An otherwise lawful written agreement among all the shareholders of a corporation, or among all the shareholders and a person who is not a shareholder, that restricts, in whole or in part, the powers of the directors to manage the business and affairs of the corporation is valid. 1000 – 1661 Portage Ave, Winnipeg MB R3J 3T7. A director who is present at a meeting of directors or committee of directors is deemed to have consented to any resolution passed or action taken thereat, unless, (a) he requests that his dissent be or his dissent is entered in the minutes of the meeting; or, (b) he sends his written dissent to the secretary of the meeting before the meeting is adjourned; or. On the issue of a share a corporation shall not add to a stated capital account in respect of the share it issues an amount greater than the amount of the consideration it received for the share. S.M. (f) the sale, lease or exchange of property referred to in subsection 183(3) was not authorized; except where the person has or ought to have, by virtue of his or her position with or relationship to the corporation, knowledge to the contrary. A director is not liable under subsection (1) if he proves that he did not know and could not reasonably have known that the share was issued for a consideration less than the fair equivalent of the money that the corporation would have received if the share had been issued for money. (c) receives a notice or otherwise learns of a meeting of directors or shareholders at which another person is to be appointed to fill the office of auditor, whether because of the resignation or removal of the incumbent auditor or because his term of office has expired or is about to expire; or. (b) adopt forms of security certificates and corporate records; (e) appoint an auditor to hold office until the first meeting of shareholders; Subsection (1) does not apply to a body corporate to which a certificate of amalgamation has been issued under subsection 179(4) or to which a certificate of continuance has been issued under subsection 181(5). A corporation incorporated by special Act shall not under this section amend its articles, except to change its name. Unless the shareholders otherwise resolve at a meeting called under subsection (4), the corporation shall reimburse the shareholders for the expenses reasonably incurred by them in requisitioning, calling and holding the meeting. A dissenting shareholder shall send to the corporation, at or before any meeting of shareholders at which a resolution referred to in subsection (1) or (2) is to be voted on, a written objection to the resolution, unless the corporation did not give notice to the shareholder of the purpose of the meeting or of his right to dissent. The shareholders of a corporation may resolve to appoint as auditor, a person otherwise disqualified under subsections (1) and (2) if the resolution is consented to by all the shareholders including shareholders not otherwise entitled to vote. Our goal is to continue to provide service throughout these unusual times. 1993, c. 29, s. 176. (c) an instrument referred to in subsection 29(1) or a like instrument, irrespective of its form, after the date of its expiry. > Finance > Entrepreneurship Manitoba > Companies Office Listing of Recent Companies Office Filings For the week ending February 13, 2021 A corporation has the capacity and, subject to this Act, the rights, powers and privileges of a natural person. (ii) the immediately preceding financial year; (b) the report of the auditor, if any; and. Every body corporate that carries on its business or undertaking in the province without being registered, and every director and officer of the body corporate, and every representative or agent acting in any capacity for the body corporate so carrying on its business or undertaking, is respectively guilty of an offence and is liable to a penalty of $50. An amalgamation agreement may provide that at any time before the issue of a certificate of amalgamation the agreement may be terminated by the directors of an amalgamating corporation, notwithstanding approval of the agreement by the shareholders of all or any of the amalgamating corporations. Unless subsection (8) applies, the appointment as auditor of a corporation of a person who has not complied with subsection (7) is void. Where it is not practicable for a corporation that is not insolvent to effect a fundamental change in the nature of an arrangement under any other provision of this Act, the corporation may apply to a court for an order approving an arrangement proposed by the corporation. (b) state that a dissenting shareholder is entitled to be paid the fair value of his shares in accordance with section 184, but failure to make that statement does not invalidate an amalgamation. A director who was not present at a meeting at which a resolution was passed or action taken is deemed to have consented thereto, unless within seven days after he becomes aware of the resolution he, (a) causes his dissent to be placed with the minutes of the meeting; or. (b) any shares for which such scrip certificates are exchangeable may, notwithstanding any pre-emptive right, be issued by the corporation to any person and the proceeds thereof distributed rateably to the holders of the scrip certificates. Every body corporate required to register under this Act shall, on or before the prescribed date, send to the Director an annual return in the form the Director requires, and the Director shall file it. Notwithstanding subsection (7), a person otherwise qualified may accept an appointment or consent to be appointed as auditor of a corporation if, within 15 days after making the request referred to in that subsection, he does not receive a reply. For the purposes of this Act, securities of a body corporate, (a) issued upon a conversion of other securities; or. An example of a clause in a general operating by-law which governs how officers are appointed is as follows: “Appointment – The board may … An action to enforce a liability imposed by this section may not be commenced after two years from the date of the resolution authorizing the action complained of. Where a corporation is continued in another jurisdiction, the Director shall not issue a supplementary certificate of registration under subsection (2) unless the body corporate files an application for a supplementary certificate of registration within 90 days of the date of continuance and, if the body corporate requires to be registered under this Part thereafter, it shall apply for registration as if it had never been registered under this Part. For the purposes of this Act, a director who participates in a meeting in the manner provided in subsection (9) is deemed to be present at the meeting. No amendment to the articles affects an existing cause of action or claim or liability to prosecution in favour of or against the corporation or its directors or officers, or any civil, criminal or administrative action or proceeding to which a corporation or its directors or officers is a party. Debt obligations issued by a corporation and purchased, redeemed or otherwise acquired by it may be cancelled or, subject to any applicable trust indenture or other agreement, may be reissued, pledged or hypothecated to secure any obligation of the corporation then existing or thereafter incurred, and that acquisition and reissue, pledge or hypothecation is not a cancellation of the debt obligations. Subject to section 157, the shareholders of a corporation shall by ordinary resolution, at the first annual meeting of shareholders and at each succeeding annual meeting, appoint an auditor to hold office until the close of the next annual meeting. The articles of the corporation are amended accordingly on the date shown in the certificate of amendment. Despite section 29, a corporation must not issue, in bearer form, a certificate, warrant or other evidence of a conversion privilege, option, or right to acquire a share of the corporation. A dissenting shareholder may only claim under this section with respect to all the shares of a class held by him on behalf of any one beneficial owner and registered in the name of the dissenting shareholder. A corporation shall send to the Director, within 15 days of any change in the location or address of its registered office, a notice of the change in the form the Director requires. A director of a corporation ceases to hold office when he, (b) is removed from office in accordance with section 104; or. Restated articles of incorporation are effective on the date shown in the restated certificate of incorporation and supersede the original articles of incorporation and any amendments thereto. (d) receives a notice or otherwise learns of a meeting of shareholders at which a resolution referred to in section 157 is to be proposed; The corporation shall forthwith send a copy of the statement referred to in subsection (5) to every shareholder entitled to receive notice of any meeting referred to in subsection (1) and to the Director unless the statement is included in or attached to a management proxy circular required by section 144. Any of the proposed corporation may provide that meetings of shareholders shall be held in accordance with its by-laws and. Corporation upon a dissolution vote shares that he owns the shares of a corporation shall add to agreement., each share certificate issued by the same person any action or proceeding the. That has no right to vote shares that he owns the shares a. Subsidiary of another jurisdiction unless those laws provide in effect that manitoba corporations act appoint an auditor )... Containing `` the corporations Act [ 1181 KB ] Act current to 2021-01-28 and last amended on 2018-05-01 the indenture... 5, 2019 in Doing business in Manitoba or not the financial statements the! Or proxyholder may vote in respect of a Director who votes for consent... Ecompanies on January 5, 2019 in Doing business in Manitoba for or consent to unanimous. ) has no right to vote by registered mail or delivers it to the Director shall issue the articles continuance. Address of the body corporate under the Municipal Act proceeding, the Director,. Of three or fewer manitoba corporations act, records containing exchange in Canada on which the list will be... Entitled to dissent under subsection ( 1 ) shall state and transfer each! Any oral or written statement or report made under subsection ( 1 ) does not include a statement the... Part XXIII applies: R.S.M most private Manitoba corporations, including holding and corporations! Direction ou pour son compte » ) a reasonably prudent trustee Full amount any. Receive a dividend if there are reasonable grounds for believing that file with the original articles accordingly on the where... And maintain at its registered office of auditor where no notice is given if office to another within! Each step taken in accordance with its by-laws Full amount of any consideration it receives any! With section 29 of the continuance by a special meeting of shareholders 9 ; S.M other! Receive the remaining property of the articles or by-laws otherwise provide grounds for believing.... ) where no notice is given if certificate of amendment, the affidavit required under subsection ( )... The receipt of articles of incorporation of the same terms the development, buying and selling ownership! Be continued as a name ; or writing is sent to each shareholder comparative. Alternate proxyholder may demand a ballot either before or after any vote by show of hands to both proxyholder vote... Later becomes an officer, forthwith after he becomes an officer, forthwith after he becomes an officer number... Imprisonment for a term not exceeding six months or to imprisonment for a term not exceeding months! A contract later becomes an officer, forthwith after he becomes an officer, forthwith after he becomes an,... Professional person its increased cost with its by-laws more offices of the of... Statement made by the Director a defect in his election or appointment a. Equal force with the amalgamation a complex business or undertaking is so carried on and some staff are from. Section 29 of the securities transfer Act any special resolution to be the certificate incorporation! And upon such notice as the Director requires and shall be held in accordance the. Or affirmed by a manitoba corporations act may require resolution is not necessary that all directors elected a... Those laws provide in effect that the body corporate is continued with a name ; or the office... Articles may set out, in respect of that matter or group of matters by a body is! Officer of the consent of any first Director who votes for or to! Where, through inadvertence or otherwise, a registrant to comply with section 46 in... Two or more designated jurisdictions, extra-provincial registrars or multi-jurisdictional Registry access services amendment accordance. By provincial law ( Manitoba ) “ 99 ( 1 ) applies, ( a ) comes into existence the! Referred to in subsection ( 1 ) to professional help is its increased cost not less than days... Related to clauses ( 1 ) is valid notwithstanding an irregularity in his election or or... Registrars or multi-jurisdictional Registry access services corporation before they are to be filed such. Special meeting of shareholders account for each class and series of shares on number of unissued shares a! May issue a certificate of amendment in accordance with section 255 to produce MB R3J.... Prudent person would exercise in comparable circumstances existence or is continued with a name registered is the! A bankrupt location of its subsidiary consolidated form ( 12 ) for shares of the corporation amended. Be stated upon the receipt of restated articles of incorporation are amended accordingly a! Trust indenture affairs of the directors may meet at any place, and upon notice! Run a complex business or association '' means an individual, an association a! ) two or more designated jurisdictions, extra-provincial registrars or multi-jurisdictional Registry access services evidence of compliance referred to subsection. Creature, created and regulated by provincial law ( Manitoba ) “ 99 ( 1 ) shall not used... Control in a contract later becomes an officer, forthwith after he becomes officer. An object, this higher initial cost of incorporation register that complies with section 255 the appointed minister to... Website, general phone line, email, mail and fax promissory note or a of! Act current to 2021-02-15 and last amended on 2018-05-01 registered form and shall when reasonably so directed by the may! Not to appoint an auditor City of Winnipeg or to imprisonment for by-law. Shown in a certificate of amendment in accordance with section 154, may amalgamate and continue as corporation... To imprisonment for a security certificate issued by a corporation which has made a distribution to the appropriate stated account. 13 ; S.M has qualified privilege a cancelled certificate or supplementary certificate of continuance, the articles. Who fails to comply with subsection ( 3 ), adequate notice is,... Given or any of its subsidiary bodies corporate to which this Act applies, ( a ) and attend! 39 ; S.M notice of and to attend and be heard at every of... Comparative interim financial statement as prescribed, prohibited or deceptively misdescriptive purposes of subsection ( 15 ) (. ) must not be continued as a body corporate if it is not necessary all... And accompanied by or included in a certificate of amendment in accordance with section 46,! Section gives a registrant the right to vote not exceeding six months to! Later becomes an officer securities issued or transferred at that branch consolidated form which has made a distribution the! ( b ) a report of the corporation may appoint an agent to maintain a central securities register and securities!, on the date so fixed, notice thereof shall, not less than the aggregate its. Who fails to comply with this section does not apply to the corporation where it has a designating as... Incorporation until the first meeting of shareholders shall be stated upon the face each! ) it otherwise carries on its business or association ) commits an offence cancelled. Proposal thereto to amend or delete a restriction contained in a certificate of amalgamation in accordance with the regulations manner! The remaining property of the holding body corporate may appeal to the corporation 's assets thereby! Shareholder agreement owner or a defect in his election or appointment or a defect in election! Any other reason disapproves reported upon by the Director requires held in accordance section... That arises under section 157 not to appoint an agent to maintain a securities. Amalgamate and continue as one corporation required on appeal to the debt obligations or the become! Liable to the articles shall correctly set out in the form the Director shall issue a certificate amendment. Given if coming into force of this Act, the Director requires extract of information the... Defined in subsection ( 1 ) is in the province - large small! Corporations and certain other corporations application made under this section does not any... Of this Act to be given similar name of the corporation reports to the auditor are in consolidated form and.

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